Wilderness Custom Arrows Wilderness Custom Arrows

Wilderness Custom Arrows

  I look forward to continuing to serve my loyal past customers.
Please call 541-968-2832 for ordering and turnaround time.

Wilderness Custom Arrows

Crafted by David Lawson

“Where perfection is the goal and the way to achieve it is attention to detail.”

For more pictures see the brochure of Wilderness Custom Arrows  CLICK HERE

I am happy to offer custom arrows crafted from Surewood Shafts using only their #1 Premium grade Douglas-fir.

These are the finest arrow shafts being made today. Their straight grained shafts have proven to be extremely durable, consistent, and an excellent choice for arrows.

“Customer satisfaction is my main goal. Contact me if you need advice on selecting an arrow for your bow.”

Isiah 49:2 ...“He made me a polished arrow and concealed me in His quiver.”

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